Kimberley Clarke


Who I Am

You're getting MARRIED! Now you have to decide who will perform your ceremony to make your day what you dreamed it will be. Pick me!

My name is Kim Clarke. I perform creative, fun, inclusive and individualised wedding ceremonies with a real focus on getting the 'vibe' you want for your day.

Most wedding guests (myself included) look forward to the reception and don't have great expectations of the ceremony, but it doesn't have to be that way! The wedding ceremony is something that should bring everyone together to really celebrate the couple and have people show their support and commitment to you. Yes, there is the boring legal side to the ceremony that I must perform (but it is minimal), the rest of the ceremony can be whatever you want it to be.

I decided to became a celebrant after attending some weddings that really didn't represent the couple or have the inclusive and fun vibe that they wanted.

The role of a marriage celebrant is write [that is a pun!] up my alley! I get to do a lot of the things I love at once…interpreting and applying the law, creative writing, making puns, organising things and meeting people.

I offer various services including wedding ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, quickie no fuss wedding ceremonies, elopements.

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